Core Business Development

Recognize your organizational purpose, discover your business personality, identify your audience, and craft just the right message to compel their action.

Marketing Strategy

Ovia experts help you prioritize marketing functions and create a precise path to realize the success your organization is looking for.

Brand Expansion

We help you clarify, develop, and even protect the identify of your organization.  Your services and products can be copied, your brand can not.

Church Marketing / Ministry Growth

Marketing for ministries is just different. Ovia has done it for years, and recognizes the care and integrity needed to effectively communicate love and charity.


Not only should you know where you’re is going, it’s also imperative to know the terrain.  Recognizing obstacles, detours,  even rest areas makes a difference.

Workshops & Counseling

Ovia regularly offers workshops on all things marketing and business development. One-on-one counseling is also available for clients who need more.

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